Open Source Projects Network

New Site for OSPnet

So, we’ve decided to put up a site at last. It only took us a year! This is the temporary frontpage for the time being; there is a much cooler interface coming shortly. We also now have our guidelines written in stone at http://ospnet.org/guidelines/ so that everyone can can be aware of what we actually expect of our users. Channel founders will soon be able to request a simple bot that will make life much easier to manage their channels with; it’ll feature some logging functions for catching the obvious baddies in your channel and take care of them at the network level if needed. As always, if you need any assistance join #help and ask.

See you around, OSPnet Staff

Setting Up Octopress on Heroku

Since I have done it, I felt like putting together a little article with step by step instructions. Click “Read More” to go ahead and follow it.

New Blog

Well here I am, thought I’d finally put this domain to use with a blog ran by Octopress.